7 Advantages of a Timber Frame House

Construction of a new house or buying an existing house is considered one of the significant investments in one’s life. To make the best choice, there are numerous things that you need to take into consideration before you even begin the process. Such as the size of the house is a necessary factor in determining the design and structure of the house. Similarly, the kind of frame you use to support your project will ultimately produce good results.

Therefore, you need to keep in mind all the options to make certain that you are making the right investment decision for your home. Nowadays, lightweight frames made of timber products are most commonly used in construction projects around the globe. Timber-framed houses are high-quality sustainable homes that can last for generations. To learn in detail about the benefits of using timber frame houses, stick with us till the end.

1. Timber Frames Are Tried And Tested

Timber frames are usually lightweight which makes them a famous choice, especially for Australian homes. The usage of timber frames for the past few decades has depicted that it is a safe, reliable, easily designable, and cost-effective option. Owners and occupants might be guaranteed that they are achieving benefits out of the proven building method.

2. Strong, Stable, And Quiet

The properties of timbers are no secret. Instead, their properties are totally clear and well understood which makes timber-framed houses a best option if you do not want your house to be noisy. The reason behind the timber-frame house not being noisy is that it does not expand or shrink with any temperature change. Besides that, it also has less chance of premature cracking, especially in plaster linings.

3. Speed To Build

People are aware of the properties of timber. Hence, prefabrication, flexibility, and builders’ knowledge all together make the delivery of timber frame houses fast and efficient for construction projects.

4. Easy To Renovate

No matter what kind of renovation you are looking for, be it adding or removing rooms, making adjustments, etc, timber frames make the process of renovation easy as compared to other material homes such as brick homes.

5. Simple To Install Services In Timber Framing

Installing plumbing pipes or electrical cables is easy with timber as it can easily be drilled

Opposite to most of the materials that need cushioning grommets to secure cable insulation during installation and restrict longer-term damage to plumbing because of the expansion as well as contraction corrosion, timber presets the flexibility to adjust comfortably and easily.

6. Timber Is Cost-Effective

For those who are finding ways to minimize the construction cost then timber frames are the right choice. Timber frames are approximately 10-20% cheaper as compared to steel. Because timber is easy to handle, therefore, you can easily take advantage of the lower labor cost and later on difficulties during renovation or extension procedures.

7. Environmental Advantages Of Timber Framing

Timber selection is a step towards the reduction of greenhouse gasses in the air. Around half the dry weight of wood is carbon, absorbed from the atmosphere by growing a tree. Opting for timber usage in buildings helps store the carbon for as long as the building exists or the timber is reused and recycled.

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