Best Mixers to Use for Tasty Vodka Drinks That Everyone Likes

Have you included vodka-based cocktails in your party menu? Vodka lovers like to explore various flavours. You may drink chilled vodka straight from your freezer. But, some consumers want to mix it with some other beverages. With the best mixer, simple vodka can turn extraordinary. So, which are the most popular vodka mixers to serve your guests?

Ginger Beer

Both dark and white rums taste well with ginger beer. You may also choose spiced rum with this drink. The cool drink will have a sweet and spicy taste. You might add a few drops of lime juice for a greater flavour.

Coconut Water

If you combine the vodka cocktail with coconut water, it becomes a healthier beverage. Vodka made with coconut water will taste sweet and cool. The drink is beneficial because it replaces electrolytes, which often escape your body when unwell through frequent vomiting and urination.

Chocolate Milk

If you want a creamy, sweet drink, mix chocolate milk with vanilla vodka. You can shake the mixture until it has become frothy. This chocolate milk martini is the best after-dinner drink you can enjoy every night. You may also mix sweeter milk chocolates or fruit-infused chocolates with vodka.

Coffee And Tea

These beverages are the best mixers, as they will balance the vodka taste. The drink will be more palatable to your guests. The mixture of vodka and coffee will make you alert and feel energetic. So, instead of drinking only hot coffee, you can mix it with vodka. When the stimulant (caffeine) blends with the depressant, the former masks the effect of the depressant. You will feel the instant effect when you drink the mixture.

Juices Rich In Vitamins

Vodka can be mixed with different fruit juices. These fruits make the drink sweeter and flavourful. Some people also mix vodka with cranberry juice to get sweet yet tangy tastes. This drink will be full of antioxidants essential to your body. Tomato juice also adds minerals and makes the drink tastier.

Tonic And Soda Water

The carbonated soda water is almost the same as the plain water suggestion. Although tonic water is also carbonated, it contains quinine. The sweetener in the tonic water adds depth to your cocktail. So, most bartenders like to mix vodka with tonic water.

Drinks That You Should Not Mix With Vodka

Most people like to mix different alcoholic drinks to create a new recipe. They like to choose drinks with a comparatively low ABV. However, both vodka and whiskey are highly alcoholic. The ethanol content in both these drinks is almost the same. So, if you mix them, you will not get the best experience. Similarly, vodka and wine cannot be the right combination, as they will cause intense hangovers. Especially red wine containing tannins will cause discomfort in your stomach.

You can now choose the best mixers to make your vodka drinks tastier. From fizzy mixers to fruit juices, there are several choices for vodka lovers. Check the Liquorland vodka choices to make your cocktails.

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