MRI- The Magnetism-Based Diagnostic Modality

MRI scan is a diagnostic modality that does not employ ionising radiations for image production but it utilises another source for yielding diagnostic images. This is Magnetism. Magnetism is produced by strong magnets that are a part of the MRI scan Machine. The best diagnostic centre near you keeps your safety as its priority. This is also determined by the updation of technology from time to time. This diagnostic centre aims to deliver the best in terms of results, accuracy and credibility. You should choose your diagnostic centre wisely as the diagnostic scan images determine the quality of evaluation of the underlying condition and abnormality. If the evaluation has not been made appropriately, the diagnosis will remain ineffective and wrong. This will in turn reflect on your treatment approach and its effectiveness. 

MRI scan is used to visualise various structures including bones, muscles, blood vessels etc. It also helps visualise different body organs. These organs can be liver, brain, spleen, intestines, uterus, bladder, stomach, kidney, etc. The intended area is scanned thoroughly to gain insights into the underlying condition going on in a particular part of your body. These scan images can yield a lot of information on the condition. It can reveal congenital conditions pertaining to your body, injuries or other effects of trauma.

You need to take certain precautions to get through this magnetism-based diagnostic modality. You need to remove any kind of metal from your body before the scan. These might include earrings, other piercings, noserings, bangles, hair clips, hair bands, other accessories, belts etc. If you have certain medically relevant metallic devices implanted in your body, you must give this information to your care centre prior to the test. These can be removable devices like ear implants, dental removable prosthetic devices, and other removable prostheses. They can be non-removable devices as well, these might include cardiac pacemakers, stents, surgical clips, neurostimulators, pumps, etc. In case of non-removable devices, your thorough examination will be done and then the appropriate diagnostic modality will be suggested to you. The metal devices if carried along can get displaced due to the strong magnetic field that is produced during the scan. This can cause damage to your body and the magnetic resonance imaging scan machine as well. This is why it is important to discuss everything with your doctor so as to get an appropriate and still cost effective MRI scan or other diagnostic test.

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